I’m Back & I’m Better

Sheesh! I just realized I’ve been so busy with the baby coming, my son, getting my app together, managing my business, and  doing press, I haven’t made time to give you guys an update of  my life !

So let’s start of with Babygirl.  She’s an amazing soul ! I swear having a newborn is like falling in love all over again! The feeling is beyond what words can express!! So I know you’ve all been waiting to hear what we’ve named her… It’s Kaorii Lee Wilder.  (Kao pronounced K.O. as her nickname). The name came about when Deontay stated he wanted the baby to have an asian name. So my son brought Kaorii to our attention and let us know that it means “Strong” in japanese, which made perfect sense because she is super strong! I ended up getting my labor induced because I didn’t want Deontay to be in the middle of his fight and i deliver or to be so busy with camp he wouldn’t be able to come see the baby arrive. So we decided on that. But let me tell you guys that was the most painful thing ever! I was in labor for 26HRS! Deontay felt like he was in jail in the hospital room we were in. We didn’t step out the whole time. and 20 minutes before delivering, he went out to get food and when he came back she was ready to come out! I promise its like she knew he left and the pain from my contractions became unbearable and I finally decided to get the epidural.  I was in tears, literally. When he got back as he was eating (seafood, btw) I was ready, or at least felt like she was ready to come out. So the nurse comes in and looks for the heart beat and couldn’t find it, so Deontay stands up while eating his food looks in between my legs and sees her whole head full of hair popping out! I was so pain free after my epidural I didn’t even feel her coming out. My doctor came in my room and told me to push one more time and out she came! 7.8lbs, 22 inches long, and beautiful! We couldn’t wait to get out the hospital and take her home to meet the rest of the family. 


We’ve had Kaorii now for 6 weeks and it’s crazy how fast she’s growing! It’s like yesterday we just had her. She is already double her size from birth and is wearing 3-6month old clothing when she’s only a month and a half.


We did have a scare though, a week after Deontay’s fight, he was still sick and was so ecstatic to be back around us he couldn’t get enough of being in her face, which got her sick as well. So sick to the point I had to go to the doctor. My poor newborn baby ended up having to get in an ambulance with me to be transported from the doctors office to the Emergency room because she was SATing at 68% without oxygen and her heart rate was at 300bpm! We went to the ER got a nebulizer and was admitted into pediatrics 4hrs later because she was having difficulty breathing on her own. We were there for 5 days on oxygen consistently until she was able to leave without. ((Note to mothers and fathers out there : Even though I know at times we can’t help ourselves but don’t risk your child being sick and save yourself the worry, DO NOT be around newborns when someone is ill. Their immune system isn’t as strong as ours and imagine if we don’t feel good, they are going to feel 10 times worse.  So something as simple as having a cold, can make a baby become so ill when you least expect it.)) On the bring side, She’s is doing much better and is well back home. Thank the lord!

My son on the other hand, enjoyed himself this weekend before the start of his spring break and was able to attend the Nick Kid’s Choice Awards. This was his first one and he had a blast! The after party was bigger than any adult one I have ever seen in my life! They has go-karts, jumbo jump slides, food, desserts, a dance floor, activities, and more! It’s like the ultimate spot for kids! He loved it! I’m glad I was able to take him there and enjoy it like he did with all thats going on!


As a mother of now 2 kids, the hardest thing I’ve come across in my opinion , is time management. Once I’m done putting Kaorii’s precious self to sleep, I’m helping Kerron with his homework. Following that, working on app launch, etc. There’s not enough time in the day for everything to get done! So I feel like managing time and organizing thing makes things so much easier. My hat goes out to women or men who have multiple kids and still managing to maintain the other things in life, including self!


Speaking of self, whom I hardly have time for, was able to make a few shows for fashion week. Now you guys all know how I love to dress so fashion week was amazing! I love when designers come out with their newest addition and I can be one of the first to have the privilege of viewing. Even to meet some of the designers who were willing to give Deontay and I custom pieces from their collection was equivalent to Kerron being at the Kids Choice.


So as you can see I’ve had more than a lot going on since the finale of WAGS (with other things I still haven’t mentioned) but I can’t say that I don’t miss it. I’m still currently in Los Angeles being Kao can’t fly yet, so I haven’t seen any of the ladies besides Kesha who of course came to my baby shower.  I do however, keep in touch and speak to KayKay and Kierra. I can’t wait until we head back to the south so the ladies can me our new bundle of joy! Hopefully even give some of the ladies without kids baby fever!


But it’s early in the morning and I know the little one probably has a good hour left in her until she wakes up crying for a bottle and a diaper change. On top of that, I have to get up early to head to the gym and run the rest of my errands with babygirl, while the boys stay at home.  Until next time, and I promise I won’t be gone so long. Being I’m no longer pregnant and have gained my energy back.  It’s go time!


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31 & Ready for fun!

It’s a few days after my baby shower, my birthday ( Jan. 24), and a brand new episode of WAGs:Atlanta just aired and I couldn’t be more excited about these blessings that’s about to come my way! 


Before episode 4 started Kesha and I took over live on @wags instagram page and answered a few questions while talkin to fans in many different countries around the world! The excitement we both had knowing that so many different places were tuned into WAGS: Atlanta was nothing short of amazement! Episode 4 consisted a lot of my story with Deontay. The episode started off with Deontay surprising me with our jeweler Harry coming in town with a few pieces for us. Only problem was I wanted the ring, while Deontay was more so pushing for a bracelet. Go figure. I later found out I was pregnant and and the excitement we both had about the news was nothing but blissful.  As the episode continues I talk to the girls about how I feel about being pregnant and growing as a family but staying stagnant in our relationship isn’t what I wanted. I presented all this information to Deontay as well and gave him the ultimatum of me no longer playing house with him and letting him know if he doesn’t make moves we would have to co-parent. I felt as though there comes a time when you have to stand your ground as a woman to get what you truly want. They say close mouths don’t get fed so I spoke my peace. Now let’s see how he handles it. 


My baby shower on another note, was everything I could’ve asked for and more!! I can’t fully disclose all the content of the shower, because I did an exclusive with US Weekly magazine, but I can say all the hard work put behind it was well worth the wait!!


Definitely have to thank Britney, the owner of Encore Events 90210, who throws the best of the best parties LA has to offer!! Everything I decided I wanted in my shower (from fresh floral arrangements, table decor, colored silk table lining, candles,etc) was there, she made sure it was above and beyond!! I couldn’t be more grateful for all her help, being I’m in the last stretch of my pregnancy it was a must to not stress about our shower. I also have to thank my publicist, Eve, for getting me a cake made by Ruben with @specialtycakesla as well as my color coordinated dessert stand from @dipd_n_drippd (fully equipped with two chocolate covered strawberry towers, chocolate covered Oreos, custom designed donuts, cookie towers, etc)!! How can I forget the food??? The owner of the restaurant also made us an exclusive colored pasta matching the theme of my shower, along with amazing appetizers and a grilled chicken entree that everyone enjoyed. Not that I need to gain anymore weight, I already look like a whale, but I could have ate 2-3 more servings!! So a special thanks to him and his beautiful restaurant for allowing me to host my event there.


I could talk about my shower all day, but let’s get to this birthday. I’m 31 guys!! When you get a little older , I’ve realized I’ve celebrated less. I woke up knowing it was my birthday, but I wasn’t as excited about it like I thought I would be.  I woke up at 6:30am to do an interview with The Star magazine in Africa, got my makeup done, did some shopping, and went to dinner with my son,brother, and Kesha.


(Kesha and Me at my birthday dinner at Catch LA) 


With being so far along in my pregnancy my body feels like it’s 41 (the struggle is real). I know I sound like a broken record, but for all the women out there that has been pregnant know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this bun is fully baked and I’m ready to see my bundle of joy!! Fingers crossed, this baby comes out sooner than later!! Stress has been less of a factor so I haven’t had an anxiety attack since that last ultrasound, which is a blessing!


(The last stretch of pregnancy 12 more days ) 

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WAGS: Atlanta Episode 2/ Baby come out, you’re ALMOST DUE!!

I’m back! WAGS: Atlanta Episode 2 just aired a few days ago so I wanted to touch bases with you guys and see what you thought.


 Kaylin, Niche, and I went live on the @Eentertainment and @wags IG story along with live tweets on twitter.  We had a blast talking to the fans and answering questions about what’s aired so far and what’s to expect with the cast.


I enjoyed the ladies coming out to LA and experiencing the glitz and glam this city has to offer even though the trip was short lived. We even had spare time to eat at Delilah’s with Zach (E!’s Best employee, might I add) amazing restaurant with the best truffle Mac & Cheese!! Geez, how pregnant do I sound when food comes to play?! Eating and catching up with everything that was going on back in Atlanta and our families was the best and made me miss being back home!!


 Anyways, back to the show! Although, episode 2 didn’t contain to much of my story what did you guys think of the issue with Niche and Kesha?

In my opinion, (because you know I’m going to give my two cents) everyone’s situation is different. No ones relationship is the same and that doesn’t make a relationship better or perfect if you’re married or not as long as the child is happy and healthy in their environment and the parents can co-exist is all that matters to me. I personally haven’t been treated differently being a girlfriend of an athlete or experienced not getting invited to outside boxing functions, so I can’t relate much to Niche, but I do know it happens and there is definitely a unspoken hierarchy in the WAGS world. Kesha strongly stood her ground as a mother and a business woman and expressed herself passionately about her situation. All in all, both ladies are women with children and businesses to run and handle so to me the whole thing could have been avoided or managed differently. Kaylin and JJ as you know, I love as a couple! They stick together through thick and thin, and make marriage look easy and fun! Even though Kaylin’s cooking skills are…( I’m trying to find a nice way to say lack there of) not the best, you got to give it to the girl, SHE TRIES and with me, she always gets and A for effort! She’s our version of Jessica Simpson with a twist of pageantry. 


 As for my pregnancy, I’m going to the doctors office weekly now and know exactly where the baby is positioned, how much the weight of the baby is, and so forth. Yesterdays appointment was a little different then the others. Being on my back is beyond uncomfortable so I had to do my ultrasound on my side. For whatever reason I’ve been having anxiety attacks and had one while I was having my ultrasound. Thank God my doctor was there to help me realize everything was okay! It came so abruptly. I just felt like I couldn’t breath and started sweating (not a fun feeling at all). What seemed like a half an hr of heavy breath was literally like 2minutes and everything was fine. Overall, the baby is healthy with no complications! I also experienced some light contractions so that lets me know this little bun is ready to come out of the oven soon! Definitely a fighter like daddy, because its far from an easy and smooth pregnancy!! Deontay and I can’t wait to start our life with our new edition to add to the bunch!! Until next time!!  

 (Episode 2 picture of Deontay and I at Niche’s Red carpet event)  

(Episode 2 picture of Deontay and I at Niche’s Red carpet event)  


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Brand New Year with Brand New WAGs!

Happy New Years ladies and gents! After the long days of filming and time spent with the ladies, I was finally able to see the first episode of WAGS:Atlanta. I must admit, I was anxious and a bit nervous to see myself on TV, but overall I think we did a pretty good job. The show began with our gorgeous beauty queen Kaylin, her husband JJ (a professional baseball player), and her pampered dog-child Bella. Following her, was my girl Kesha who is currently dating CJ Mosley (12 year NFL veteran) and had a strategic plan that she wanted me to be apart of. As much as I love Kesha, I however, couldn’t get on board with being her side kick on this mission. Unfortunately, those plans ended up not working in her favor and costed her more than she bargained for. Kierra, wife of Tennesse Titan Harry Douglas, then decides to throw Kaylin a party, but in turn finds out some devastating news a few hours before everything begins. The news was so upsetting to Kaylin that she left the party in tears. If you missed the episode, I believe they are doing reruns all week and you can catch it on eonline.com. and come back and comment below so I can get feedback on your views.


As far as the pregnancy goes, Ive been doing everything and more! I’m planning a baby shower (of course with the help of an amazing party planner), securing a beautiful venue with an enchanted theme, getting my registry together, doing my daily errands, making time to squeeze in doctor visits weekly, working on my app content , while still taking care of home!


Recently, when I got my weekly waxing, I heard about vaginal steaming. This was new to me and I was beyond curious to find out all the facts and benefits this had on a woman and our unique system. Vaginal steaming is used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus as well eases the pain after childbirth. As all that sounds good, it also improves fertility and sexual pleasure. With that being said, it’ll trap me into Deontay plans of having triplets and you know I’m going to need a prolonged break of pregnancy after this little one comes !! So I’m kind of on the verge with this one. What do you guys think? Have you tried the v-steam? I’m sooo interested in knowing anyone who has tried this to let me in on their experience!! Well enough poonani talk for the night. Until next time !! Sweet Dreams !!

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This Christmas

Hey guys! I thought I’d start a blog on my page with WAGS:Atlanta airing in 10 days and me being pregnant.  I want to share my journey throughout this process on a deeper level so people can see who I truly am as a person outside of what I show on social media.  As you may know, the process of everything that was filmed may not make the cut of being aired.  Therefore, I thought this would be something people would enjoy outside of what is portrayed of me on the show through my own personal perspective. In addition, I haven’t experienced pregnancy like I have now ( syncope, hot & cold flashes, fatigue, nausea, etc) while still having to maintain my household, make sure the children are well, take care of my man, and still do press for the show. 


 Everything is just moving at God’s speed and I’m definitely just trying to keep up! I know a lot of blessings will come in my life as the new year comes closer with our new bundle of joy, having a show on a major network, Deontay being at the prime of his career fighting again in March, and my app launching (which I’m so excited to share with the world)!!

But enough about that, let’s talk about how this little scrapper growing inside of me is taking up all my strength! When I was pregnant with my first child , whose turning 12 in April, it was such a breeze. Smooth sailing the whole way through! No early pregnancy symptoms, no huffing and puffing (feeling like the big bad wolf) , just easy, as if I wasn’t even pregnant in the first place! This bun in the oven on the other hand is a handful in the making! The symptoms I’m having is on a whole other level! I’ll be on a plane about to pass out, in a hotel lobby not able to breath drenched in sweat and be cold 2 minutes later. It’s just been a crazy ride and at this point I’m more than ready to have the baby.

To cope with different symptoms I’m having, I’ve been trying natural remedies. For instance, to get rid of back pain I’ve taken hot showers,used heating pads, exercises that relieve back pain, and had prenatal massages which has help temporarily but not long enough.


As I’m writing this, my little blessing is in my tummy punching away just like daddy! Also being that Deontay is a boxer, he’s helped me a lot with my breathing, inhaling through my mouth and exhaling through my nose to keep more oxygen in my brain. As far as my syncope (fainting) episodes go, I just need to slow down sometimes and remember I’m still human and need to rest and relax turn on a good movie with my feet propped up on a pillow and chill.


Speaking of chilling, that’s exactly what I need to do now. Wishing everyone blessings, love, and prosperity for the holidays!! 

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