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IMG_2356_b monetLogo2 u2U4UNeA IMG_2183B

telli swift + monet

An extension of your hand with its easy slip on grip. An on-the-go stand. A sleek wallet for workouts in the city or while on the go in the country. A Monet is an expression of you, your phone, you're unique. Use code SWIFT25OFF to get 25% off.

Lab 25 + Telli Swift

Lab 25 offers up-and-coming designers a digital platform to showcase their timeless designs.
IMG_2094 IMG_2294 fashion_nova_logo

Fashion Nova + Telli Swift

Fashion Nova believe the customer is the Star. The girls who rock their styles are adventurous, inspirational and badass. A Nova Star is always the best dressed girl in the room. Her confidence is what truly shines, but her Fashion Nova outfit adds that extra sparkle. Fashion Nova strives to provide awesome service, unbeatable prices and the hottest trends.
plt1C plt2 PLT3

Pretty Little Thing + Telli Swift

Global online fashion brand! 👛👙👠


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