Meet Telli


Telli Swift is no stranger to the luxurious life. Born in Zambales Philippines, raised in Yokosuka Japan, and later spending most of her adulthood in Los Angeles, California, Telli has been around the industry for a majority of her adolescents. She has worked around some high profile clients before being engaged to the heavyweight champion of the world, Deontay Wilder.  Before him, Telli had a fast paced career as a nurse for plastic surgery recovery in Beverly Hills as well as in trauma ER. Dating a high-profile boxing champion, Telli put her career on hold to move and live between Alabama and Georgia where her fiancé trains and resides. Telli just recently gave birth to her first child with Wilder and also has a 11 year old son. Following her passion to help others, Telli is launching a dating application early this year to help woman find the right man as well as staying true to yourself as a woman, while keeping a man happy. Not only is Telli an entrepreneur, she also enjoys cooking. Her cooking is perfect for the southern hospitality along with other things we see on WAGS Atlanta. Her glamorous life inside her home as well as starting her empire is only a glimpse into her world.