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      Dr Garo Kassabian, plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills

      Dr Garo Kassabian, plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills

      You won’t meet a warmer and friendlier human being than Dr. Kassabian and his team.  He is very adept, efficient and thoughtful. All are second to Dr. Kassabian’s level of professionalism and his outstanding quality of work.  From the initial consultation, through the procedure, I felt he would be there for me if I needed anything at all.

      A few months ago, I went to a well-known doctor in the entertainment world. I trusted he would do an amazing job of correcting the hollowness under my eyes, caused by sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, the fillers hit a blood vessel on each of my eyes. This caused severe swelling and bruising that lasted for a long time. I looked like I had two black eyes.

      Since my other half is a boxer, I had concerned people reaching out to me about domestic violence centers. I was beyond embarrassed of my appearance and wore makeup every time I stepped foot outside.

      I knew I had to get my eyes fixed, and began to research doctors. That’s when I found Dr. Kassabian, a double board certified plastic surgeon who was also a black diamond injector. He had a signature Eye Bright treatement that added volume under the eyes for a more youthful and brighter look. Dr. Kassabian developed a special technique to create the most comfortable experience, even for nervous patients like me. His procedure also offered the most natural results without downtime!

      Not once was I worried or uncomfortable about the procedure or its outcome. Not only is Dr. Kassabian a master of his craft, but he as such a kind-hearted person that I barely felt a thing!

      My procedure consisted of two easy steps in two days. The first day, I came in to melt my previous filler. A nurse numbed my skin with a topical cream that took about 30 minutes, then Dr. Kassabian injected more numbing solution in my under eye area. Following that, he used a cannula instead of a needle to correctly place my fillers. There was no bruising after the procedure and I saw instant results! I’m beyond thrilled that Dr. Kassabian corrected my eyes

      If you are seeking a plastic surgeon with an honest, straightforward approach to his work, Dr. Kassabian is the surgeon for you. Dr. Kassabian can help you correct any issues with hollowness or darkness under your eyes. I would recommend seeing him exclusively.

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