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      MDNA SKIN’s Rejuvenator Set features the dual-headed beauty device The Skin Rejuvenator, the Chrome Clay Mask, and multiple accessories. The Skin Rejuvenator is equipped with a Magnetic Head for removal of the clay mask and a battery-operated Infusion Head to optimize the skin’s absorption of the mask’s ingredients.

      • Includes The Skin Rejuvenator beauty device, stand, stand cover, spatula, cleaning cloth, battery, Chrome Clay Mask (1.7 fl oz/50ml), 50 Mask Remover Sheets.
      • Powerful neodymium Magnetic Head for magnetic removal of the Chrome Clay Mask.
      • Infusion Head with Deep Derma Infusion and Auto Skin Search technology for infusing Chrome Clay Mask ingredients into skin.
      • Made in Japan.

      The Skin Rejuvenator Set $600

      (The Chrome Clay Mask can be purchased separately for $220)

      Contains The Skin Rejuvenator, Chrome Clay Mask, Mask Remover Sheets (50 sheets), Spatula, Stand, and Cleansing Cloth. Optimize the purifying, hydrating, and smoothing benefits of the Chrome Clay Mask with The Skin Rejuvenator’s magnetized removal and infusion technology. The Skin Rejuvenator is designed to be used with the Chrome Clay Mask and/or The Serum. This dual-headed, multi-functional beauty device is equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet, Deep Derma Infusion, and Auto Skin Search technology.

      Step One – Removal: Equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet, the Magnetic Head of The Skin Rejuvenator can be used to remove the double-coated clay of the Chrome Clay Mask along with any impurities it collects – providing a deep cleanse without burdening the skin.

      Step Two – Infusion: Powered by Deep Derma Infusion technology with Auto Skin Search, the Infusion Head of The Skin Rejuvenator automatically detects the skin’s moisture levels to deliver the residual moisturizing serum from the Chrome Clay Mask exactly where your skin needs it most.

      Retails at Barneys for $600.

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