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      I’m Back & I’m Better

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      I’m Back & I’m Better

      Sheesh! I just realized I’ve been so busy with the baby coming, my son, getting my app together, managing my business, and  doing press, I haven’t made time to give you guys an update of  my life !

      So let’s start of with Babygirl.  She’s an amazing soul ! I swear having a newborn is like falling in love all over again! The feeling is beyond what words can express!! So I know you’ve all been waiting to hear what we’ve named her… It’s Kaorii Lee Wilder.  (Kao pronounced K.O. as her nickname). The name came about when Deontay stated he wanted the baby to have an asian name. So my son brought Kaorii to our attention and let us know that it means “Strong” in japanese, which made perfect sense because she is super strong! I ended up getting my labor induced because I didn’t want Deontay to be in the middle of his fight and i deliver or to be so busy with camp he wouldn’t be able to come see the baby arrive. So we decided on that. But let me tell you guys that was the most painful thing ever! I was in labor for 26HRS! Deontay felt like he was in jail in the hospital room we were in. We didn’t step out the whole time. and 20 minutes before delivering, he went out to get food and when he came back she was ready to come out! I promise its like she knew he left and the pain from my contractions became unbearable and I finally decided to get the epidural.  I was in tears, literally. When he got back as he was eating (seafood, btw) I was ready, or at least felt like she was ready to come out. So the nurse comes in and looks for the heart beat and couldn’t find it, so Deontay stands up while eating his food looks in between my legs and sees her whole head full of hair popping out! I was so pain free after my epidural I didn’t even feel her coming out. My doctor came in my room and told me to push one more time and out she came! 7.8lbs, 22 inches long, and beautiful! We couldn’t wait to get out the hospital and take her home to meet the rest of the family.

      We’ve had Kaorii now for 6 weeks and it’s crazy how fast she’s growing! It’s like yesterday we just had her. She is already double her size from birth and is wearing 3-6month old clothing when she’s only a month and a half.

      We did have a scare though, a week after Deontay’s fight, he was still sick and was so ecstatic to be back around us he couldn’t get enough of being in her face, which got her sick as well. So sick to the point I had to go to the doctor. My poor newborn baby ended up having to get in an ambulance with me to be transported from the doctors office to the Emergency room because she was SATing at 68% without oxygen and her heart rate was at 300bpm! We went to the ER got a nebulizer and was admitted into pediatrics 4hrs later because she was having difficulty breathing on her own. We were there for 5 days on oxygen consistently until she was able to leave without. ((Note to mothers and fathers out there : Even though I know at times we can’t help ourselves but don’t risk your child being sick and save yourself the worry, DO NOT be around newborns when someone is ill. Their immune system isn’t as strong as ours and imagine if we don’t feel good, they are going to feel 10 times worse.  So something as simple as having a cold, can make a baby become so ill when you least expect it.)) On the bring side, She’s is doing much better and is well back home. Thank the lord!

      My son on the other hand, enjoyed himself this weekend before the start of his spring break and was able to attend the Nick Kid’s Choice Awards. This was his first one and he had a blast! The after party was bigger than any adult one I have ever seen in my life! They has go-karts, jumbo jump slides, food, desserts, a dance floor, activities, and more! It’s like the ultimate spot for kids! He loved it! I’m glad I was able to take him there and enjoy it like he did with all thats going on!

      As a mother of now 2 kids, the hardest thing I’ve come across in my opinion , is time management. Once I’m done putting Kaorii’s precious self to sleep, I’m helping Kerron with his homework. Following that, working on app launch, etc. There’s not enough time in the day for everything to get done! So I feel like managing time and organizing thing makes things so much easier. My hat goes out to women or men who have multiple kids and still managing to maintain the other things in life, including self!

      Speaking of self, whom I hardly have time for, was able to make a few shows for fashion week. Now you guys all know how I love to dress so fashion week was amazing! I love when designers come out with their newest addition and I can be one of the first to have the privilege of viewing. Even to meet some of the designers who were willing to give Deontay and I custom pieces from their collection was equivalent to Kerron being at the Kids Choice.

      So as you can see I’ve had more than a lot going on since the finale of WAGS (with other things I still haven’t mentioned) but I can’t say that I don’t miss it. I’m still currently in Los Angeles being Kao can’t fly yet, so I haven’t seen any of the ladies besides Kesha who of course came to my baby shower.  I do however, keep in touch and speak to KayKay and Kierra. I can’t wait until we head back to the south so the ladies can me our new bundle of joy! Hopefully even give some of the ladies without kids baby fever!


      But it’s early in the morning and I know the little one probably has a good hour left in her until she wakes up crying for a bottle and a diaper change. On top of that, I have to get up early to head to the gym and run the rest of my errands with babygirl, while the boys stay at home.  Until next time, and I promise I won’t be gone so long. Being I’m no longer pregnant and have gained my energy back.  It’s go time!

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