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      31 & Ready for fun!

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      31 & Ready for fun!

      It’s a few days after my baby shower, my birthday ( Jan. 24), and a brand new episode of WAGs:Atlanta just aired and I couldn’t be more excited about these blessings that’s about to come my way!

      Before episode 4 started Kesha and I took over live on @wags instagram page and answered a few questions while talkin to fans in many different countries around the world! The excitement we both had knowing that so many different places were tuned into WAGS: Atlanta was nothing short of amazement! Episode 4 consisted a lot of my story with Deontay. The episode started off with Deontay surprising me with our jeweler Harry coming in town with a few pieces for us. Only problem was I wanted the ring, while Deontay was more so pushing for a bracelet. Go figure. I later found out I was pregnant and and the excitement we both had about the news was nothing but blissful.  As the episode continues I talk to the girls about how I feel about being pregnant and growing as a family but staying stagnant in our relationship isn’t what I wanted. I presented all this information to Deontay as well and gave him the ultimatum of me no longer playing house with him and letting him know if he doesn’t make moves we would have to co-parent. I felt as though there comes a time when you have to stand your ground as a woman to get what you truly want. They say close mouths don’t get fed so I spoke my peace. Now let’s see how he handles it.

      My baby shower on another note, was everything I could’ve asked for and more!! I can’t fully disclose all the content of the shower, because I did an exclusive with US Weekly magazine, but I can say all the hard work put behind it was well worth the wait!!

      Definitely have to thank Britney, the owner of Encore Events 90210, who throws the best of the best parties LA has to offer!! Everything I decided I wanted in my shower (from fresh floral arrangements, table decor, colored silk table lining, candles,etc) was there, she made sure it was above and beyond!! I couldn’t be more grateful for all her help, being I’m in the last stretch of my pregnancy it was a must to not stress about our shower. I also have to thank my publicist, Eve, for getting me a cake made by Ruben with @specialtycakesla as well as my color coordinated dessert stand from @dipd_n_drippd (fully equipped with two chocolate covered strawberry towers, chocolate covered Oreos, custom designed donuts, cookie towers, etc)!! How can I forget the food??? The owner of the restaurant also made us an exclusive colored pasta matching the theme of my shower, along with amazing appetizers and a grilled chicken entree that everyone enjoyed. Not that I need to gain anymore weight, I already look like a whale, but I could have ate 2-3 more servings!! So a special thanks to him and his beautiful restaurant for allowing me to host my event there.

      I could talk about my shower all day, but let’s get to this birthday. I’m 31 guys!! When you get a little older , I’ve realized I’ve celebrated less. I woke up knowing it was my birthday, but I wasn’t as excited about it like I thought I would be.  I woke up at 6:30am to do an interview with The Star magazine in Africa, got my makeup done, did some shopping, and went to dinner with my son, brother, and Kesha.

      (Kesha and Me at my birthday dinner at Catch LA)

      With being so far along in my pregnancy my body feels like it’s 41 (the struggle is real). I know I sound like a broken record, but for all the women out there that has been pregnant know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this bun is fully baked and I’m ready to see my bundle of joy!! Fingers crossed, this baby comes out sooner than later!! Stress has been less of a factor so I haven’t had an anxiety attack since that last ultrasound, which is a blessing!

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