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      WAGS: Atlanta Episode 2/ Baby come out, you’re ALMOST DUE!!

        /  DIARY   /  WAGS   /  WAGS: Atlanta Episode 2/ Baby come out, you’re ALMOST DUE!!

      WAGS: Atlanta Episode 2/ Baby come out, you’re ALMOST DUE!!

      I’m back! WAGS: Atlanta Episode 2 just aired a few days ago so I wanted to touch bases with you guys and see what you thought.  Kaylin, Niche, and I went live on the @Eentertainment and @wags IG story along with live tweets on twitter.  We had a blast talking to the fans and answering questions about what’s aired so far and what’s to expect with the cast.

      I enjoyed the ladies coming out to LA and experiencing the glitz and glam this city has to offer even though the trip was short lived. We even had spare time to eat at Delilah’s with Zach (E!’s Best employee, might I add) amazing restaurant with the best truffle Mac & Cheese!! Geez, how pregnant do I sound when food comes to play?! Eating and catching up with everything that was going on back in Atlanta and our families was the best and made me miss being back home!!

      Anyways, back to the show! Although, episode 2 didn’t contain to much of my story what did you guys think of the issue with Niche and Kesha?

      In my opinion, (because you know I’m going to give my two cents) everyone’s situation is different. No ones relationship is the same and that doesn’t make a relationship better or perfect if you’re married or not as long as the child is happy and healthy in their environment and the parents can co-exist is all that matters to me. I personally haven’t been treated differently being a girlfriend of an athlete or experienced not getting invited to outside boxing functions, so I can’t relate much to Niche, but I do know it happens and there is definitely a unspoken hierarchy in the WAGS world. Kesha strongly stood her ground as a mother and a business woman and expressed herself passionately about her situation. All in all, both ladies are women with children and businesses to run and handle so to me the whole thing could have been avoided or managed differently. Kaylin and JJ as you know, I love as a couple! They stick together through thick and thin, and make marriage look easy and fun! Even though Kaylin’s cooking skills are…( I’m trying to find a nice way to say lack there of) not the best, you got to give it to the girl, SHE TRIES and with me, she always gets and A for effort! She’s our version of Jessica Simpson with a twist of pageantry.

      As for my pregnancy, I’m going to the doctors office weekly now and know exactly where the baby is positioned, how much the weight of the baby is, and so forth. Yesterdays appointment was a little different then the others. Being on my back is beyond uncomfortable so I had to do my ultrasound on my side. For whatever reason I’ve been having anxiety attacks and had one while I was having my ultrasound. Thank God my doctor was there to help me realize everything was okay! It came so abruptly. I just felt like I couldn’t breath and started sweating (not a fun feeling at all). What seemed like a half an hr of heavy breath was literally like 2minutes and everything was fine. Overall, the baby is healthy with no complications! I also experienced some light contractions so that lets me know this little bun is ready to come out of the oven soon! Definitely a fighter like daddy, because its far from an easy and smooth pregnancy!! Deontay and I can’t wait to start our life with our new edition to add to the bunch!! Until next time!!

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