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      Brand New years with brand new WAGS

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      Brand New years with brand new WAGS

      Happy New Years ladies and gents! After the long days of filming and time spent with the ladies, I was finally able to see the first episode of WAGS:Atlanta. I must admit, I was anxious and a bit nervous to see myself on TV, but overall I think we did a pretty good job. The show began with our gorgeous beauty queen Kaylin, her husband JJ (a professional baseball player), and her pampered dog-child Bella. Following her, was my girl Kesha who is currently dating CJ Mosley (12 year NFL veteran) and had a strategic plan that she wanted me to be apart of. As much as I love Kesha, I however, couldn’t get on board with being her side kick on this mission. Unfortunately, those plans ended up not working in her favor and costed her more than she bargained for. Kierra, wife of Tennesse Titan Harry Douglas, then decides to throw Kaylin a party, but in turn finds out some devastating news a few hours before everything begins. The news was so upsetting to Kaylin that she left the party in tears. If you missed the episode, I believe they are doing reruns all week and you can catch it on and come back and comment below so I can get feedback on your views.

      As far as the pregnancy goes, Ive been doing everything and more! I’m planning a baby shower (of course with the help of an amazing party planner), securing a beautiful venue with an enchanted theme, getting my registry together, doing my daily errands, making time to squeeze in doctor visits weekly, working on my app content , while still taking care of home!

      Recently, when I got my weekly waxing, I heard about vaginal steaming. This was new to me and I was beyond curious to find out all the facts and benefits this had on a woman and our unique system. Vaginal steaming is used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus as well eases the pain after childbirth. As all that sounds good, it also improves fertility and sexual pleasure. With that being said, it’ll trap me into Deontay plans of having triplets and you know I’m going to need a prolonged break of pregnancy after this little one comes !! So I’m kind of on the verge with this one. What do you guys think? Have you tried the v-steam? I’m sooo interested in knowing anyone who has tried this to let me in on their experience!! Well enough poonani talk for the night. Until next time !! Sweet Dreams !!

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