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      This Christmas

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      This Christmas

      Hey guys! I thought I’d start a blog on my page with WAGS:Atlanta airing in 10 days and me being pregnant. I want to share my journey throughout this process on a deeper level so people can see who I truly am as a person outside of what I show on social media. As you may know, the process of everything that was filmed may not make the cut of being aired. Therefore, I thought this would be something people would enjoy outside of what is portrayed of me on the show through my own personal perspective. In addition, I haven’t experienced pregnancy like I have now ( syncope, hot & cold flashes, fatigue, nausea, etc) while still having to maintain my household, make sure the children are well, take care of my man, and still do press for the show.

      Everything is just moving at God’s speed and I’m definitely just trying to keep up! I know a lot of blessings will come in my life as the new year comes closer with our new bundle of joy, having a show on a major network, Deontay being at the prime of his career fighting again in March, and my app launching (which I’m so excited to share with the world)!!

      But enough about that, let’s talk about how this little scrapper growing inside of me is taking up all my strength! When I was pregnant with my first child , whose turning 12 in April, it was such a breeze. Smooth sailing the whole way through! No early pregnancy symptoms, no huffing and puffing (feeling like the big bad wolf) , just easy, as if I wasn’t even pregnant in the first place! This bun in the oven on the other hand is a handful in the making! The symptoms I’m having is on a whole other level! I’ll be on a plane about to pass out, in a hotel lobby not able to breath drenched in sweat and be cold 2 minutes later. It’s just been a crazy ride and at this point I’m more than ready to have the baby.

      To cope with different symptoms I’m having, I’ve been trying natural remedies. For instance, to get rid of back pain I’ve taken hot showers, used heating pads, exercises that relieve back pain, and had prenatal massages which has help temporarily but not long enough.

      As I’m writing this, my little blessing is in my tummy punching away just like daddy! Also being that Deontay is a boxer, he’s helped me a lot with my breathing, inhaling through my mouth and exhaling through my nose to keep more oxygen in my brain. As far as my syncope (fainting) episodes go, I just need to slow down sometimes and remember I’m still human and need to rest and relax turn on a good movie with my feet propped up on a pillow and chill.

      Speaking of chilling, that’s exactly what I need to do now. Wishing everyone blessings, love, and prosperity for the holidays!!

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